The Power of Invisibility

Depending on your interests you may read into the title of this post differently. If you’re a reader, you might recall the book The Invisible Man, by H.G. Wells. You might think about what it would be like to be invisible. What if you could walk around without someone else knowing you were around. You might be asking, Why is their power in being invisible? Either way, I hope this title has you thinking.

We often idolize those that are famous, rich, or known. We dream of becoming the next movie star or American Idol winner. We want to be the next Kevin Durant or Barry Sanders. I truthfully don’t see anything wrong with admiring public figures. I have my own list of people I admire. What we often forget is what privileges those public figures give up to get and stay there.
The sacrifices these individuals make is something that we will most likely never think of. When a person of notoriety goes out for dinner, they deal with fans and critics. You might think…I would love that, but you have not dealt with it for years. For that first six-eight months, you may love the attention! Being recognized in a variety of settings seems glamorous at first. The new, shiny feeling soon wears off as someone asks you for the billionth autograph. When you are exhausted and just want to go out for a nice dinner. Someone comes up screaming and shouting wanting to take a photo with you.

Another not-so-obvious sacrifice, is the ability to mess up and it not be all over the evening news. All people make mistakes. Yes, all people make mistakes. This includes YOU, Billy Graham, Tom Cruise, Bill Engvall, Cold Play, Eminem, and Dave Ramsey. They are all people just like you. They all make mistakes. Some larger than others. The difference between you making a mistake and a public figure making a mistake is that they have hundreds if not thousands of eyes directly on everything they do. When you make a mistake, your boss or spouse or kids might see it. Humiliating? Yes. Will it haunt you? Maybe. What do you think would happen if a person of character such as Billy Graham made a small, tiny mistake?

The privilege that the everyday dreamer has is that they are not under the microscope. If a public figure makes a mistake, the wrath of the media and rumor mills pile upon them. They are haunted for weeks, months, or even their lifetime. They may lose not only their job, but their career, marriage or more! They can not turn on the TV, internet, or read a newspaper without being reminded of their seemingly small mistake. So what are you getting at….? Why take the time to make this point?

I want to encourage you. I want you to read this and be filled with the desire to pursue your dream! If you want to be a famous Chef, cook! Host dinner parties, work under another Chef, read a LOT! If you are an artist, paint, draw. Go do whatever it is that you want to do! Now, I say this within reason. I am not telling you to leave your family, friends, and day job to start taking swimming lessons in hopes of being the next Michael Phelps. Stop thinking and dreaming and start practicing what you LOVE!! I am giving your permission…yeah, GO! Stop listening to the person inside of you saying, you’ll never amount to anything. Go, go now… Figure out your next step. Why are you still here…


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