I stumbled upon Ryan Holiday in my desperate search for something new. You have probably seen the headlines, "Twenty must-read books that will change your life." I was looking for a good book and began exploring reading lists as my last resort. I was looking for something new. Maybe an unknown author or a fresh take on a topic, I am not sure, but I found myself on ryanholiday.net.

As I began to look over the list of books Ryan has written, I came across Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work that Lasts. The name Ryan Holiday sounded familiar, but I could not place where I had heard his name. The title struck a chord with me as I am in the process of self-publishing my first book. I located the book on Libby and decided to give it a try.

Why Mention The Book?

One idea that stuck with me was the one sentence, one paragraph, one-page positioning for a book. I have heard this elsewhere, but listening to the book helped solidify the idea for myself. Instantly, I began applying the process to my book and continue to use it to guide my work. While the text is full of other wisdom, this was worth the price of reading the entire book.

Check It Out

I am not sure about Ryan’s other books on stoicism, but Perennial Seller was genuinely beneficial in my writing journey. I could reread it and get digest more valuable content I missed the first time around.

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