Monday Mentions – Perennial Seller – By Ryan Holiday

I stumbled upon Ryan Holiday in my desperate search for something new. You have probably seen the headlines, "Twenty must-read books that will change your life." I was looking for a good book and began exploring reading lists as my last resort. I was looking for something new. Maybe an unknown author or a fresh […]

Monday Mentions – Read To Lead – By Jeff Brown And Jesse Wisnewski

Why Read To Lead? The reading habit is one of the most valuable tools in my tool belt. Learning to embrace an intentional reading habit is responsible for my growth as a husband, dad, writer, follower of Jesus, and more. It is one of the must-have skills as a leader and mentor. Jeff and Jesse […]

Monday Mentions – Attacking Anxiety – By Shawn Johnson

Let’s face it, books on mental health are a bit of a gamble. Primarily due to the variety of mental health conditions, but also in part to the many ways one can tell a story. When Craig Groeschel introduced Shawn Johnson to speak on Attacking Anxiety for week 3 of a series entitled Book Club: […]

Monday Mentions – The Book Marketing Action Podcast With Becky Robinson

As many of you already know, I am in the process of self-publishing my first book. So it is no surprise that most of my content consumption centers around self-publishing. As I was wrapping up writing the content for my book, I was in desperate need of resources. I had long dreamt of becoming an […]

Monday Mentions – Libby – The Library Reading App

In today’s Monday Mention, I chose to highlight an app called Libby. According to their website, “Libby is a free app where you can borrow ebooks, digital audiobooks, and magazines from your public library.” In last week’s post, Monday Mentions – Reach – By Becky Robinson, I stated that “A crucial part of becoming a […]

20 Years Chasing The Wrong Dream

What Is Holding You Back? In December of 2005, I published a blog article titled, "What Is Holding You Back?" The post was a brief discussion about what keeps us from achieving our dreams. I guess I didn’t put two and two together back then, or did I? Born To Create The longer I pursue […]

Monday Mentions – Reach – By Becky Robinson

A crucial part of becoming a better writer is becoming an avid reader. As I inch closer to publishing my first book, you might have noticed that more of my mentions are closely linked to becoming a published author. The materials I consume, including audiobooks, podcasts, and apps, have primarily been centered around first-time authors, […]

Monday Mentions – Overcast – Podcast App

It is Monday and that means it is time for Monday Mentions. In this post, I want to highlight Overcast podcast app for iOS. Overcast is an app created by Marco Arment. According to, Marco is a web and iPhone software developer, writer, and podcaster from Westchester county, New York. I have been following […]

Monday Mentions – YouVersion – The Bible App

Why Mention YouVersion? The Bible App goes well beyond just a helpful app. It helps me engage in the Bible in a meaningful way. The app improves my perspective and relationship with God daily by providing content that encourages me to dig into God’s Word. It provides a sense of community as friends like or […]