Monday Mentions – YouVersion – The Bible App

Why Mention YouVersion?

The Bible App goes well beyond just a helpful app. It helps me engage in the Bible in a meaningful way. The app improves my perspective and relationship with God daily by providing content that encourages me to dig into God’s Word. It provides a sense of community as friends like or comment on my activity, such as reading plan completions, highlights, or bookmarks.

Have Ideas Or Suggestions?

Choosing what to feature on Monday Mentions was simple early on, but is more of a challenge over time. Initially, I have been able to highlight people, books, apps, or other resources that mean a lot to me. As time goes on, the process requires more thought and research.

If you have something or someone you would like to see mentioned, I would love to hear from you. Please reach out via social media or email your idea to mentions(at)mentorfreak(dot)com.

Check It Out

App: YouVersion Bible App
Twitter: @youversion
Instagram: @youversion


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