Monday Mentions – Winning The War In Your Mind

Why Mention Winning The War In Your Mind?

The longer I study mental health, the brain, and how our thoughts influence everything in our lives, the more important this message becomes. The war in our minds is the most important battle we face. While Pastor Craig Groeschel’s book is certainly not the only teaching on the topic, he has played a huge part in my life, as my pastor and my mentor for 20+ years.


The public dialogue on the importance of mental health needs to continue. While his teaching may not resonate with everyone, his story is a part of the greater conversation on fear, anxiety, and mental health. Pastor Craig has been extremely upfront with his battle with fear and anxiety. His transparency has served to bring mental health into the public conversation as followers of Jesus Christ. It serves to show that no one is above mental health struggles.

Continually Revisiting the Conversation

It has been over a year since I initially read, “Winning the War in Your Mind” but the message still stands. As humans, we have a long way to go before true progress is made. The stigma surrounding mental health is still very much a problem. Discrimination based on mental health conditions happens each and every day. Access to mental healthcare is still a privilege in the U.S. when it should be available to anyone and everyone. Counseling is not valued as much as prescription drugs for treating mental health. The list of issues to tackle is long.

Check It Out

If you have not had the chance, I would encourage you to check out Craig’s book, "Winning the War in Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

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