Monday Mentions – The Book Marketing Action Podcast With Becky Robinson

As many of you already know, I am in the process of self-publishing my first book. So it is no surprise that most of my content consumption centers around self-publishing. As I was wrapping up writing the content for my book, I was in desperate need of resources. I had long dreamt of becoming an author, but I never thought about what happens when the last chapter is complete.

I was scrolling Twitter one day when I discovered Becky Robinson. Finding Becky on Twitter led me to purchase and read her book Reach: Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message, Book, or Cause. I liked her book so much that I even wrote about it here.

Authenticity Rules

Becky’s book was the first thing that jumped out at me. My first impression, above everything else, was that Becky is authentic. I could sense this on Twitter, leading me to check out her company and personal websites. I started one of her courses and could not help but add her podcast to my list.

Why Mention This Podcast

Ever since I finished reading Reach, Becky’s book, I have been binging her podcast. The Book Marketing Action Podcast is overflowing with rich, valuable content for aspiring and veteran authors. Without her knowing it, Becky has mentored me one episode at a time. My favorite episodes are the author’s journey.

These consist of one-on-one interviews between Becky and other amazing authors. I could go on and on about how much I appreciate what Becky so generously puts out there.

Please go check out The Book Marketing Action Podcast!

Thanks, Becky, for all you do!

Connect With Becky Robinson

Company Website:
Purchase On Amazon: Reach: Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message, Book, or Cause
Podcast: The Book Marketing Action Podcast
Twitter: @BeckyRbnsn
Instagram: @beckyrbnsn
LinkedIn: @beckyrbnsn


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