Monday Mentions – Attacking Anxiety – By Shawn Johnson

Let’s face it, books on mental health are a bit of a gamble. Primarily due to the variety of mental health conditions but also in part to the many ways one can tell a story. When Craig Groeschel introduced Shawn Johnson to speak on Attacking Anxiety for week 3 of a series entitled Book Club: I was a bit skeptical. Correction. I was a lot skeptical!

After listening to the message, I lowered my skepticism bar just low enough to check out the book on Libby. As I pressed play, I kept pressing into Shawn’s story. I was sure this would be another inspirational story, but not much more. Boy, was I wrong!

It’s nothing personal against Shawn or Pastor Craig, for that matter. I guess I have been burned a time or three. Finding books that I connect with and that offer helpful information on mental health are a rarity. I definitely connected with Shawn’s story, but he also had some great tools to share. I appreciate Shawn’s willingness to be vulnerable and share what God has taught him along the way.

I encourage you to check out Attacking Anxiety: From Panicked and Depressed to Alive and Free.

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