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It is Monday and that means it is time for Monday Mentions. In this post, I want to highlight Overcast podcast app for iOS. Overcast is an app created by Marco Arment. According to, Marco is a web and iPhone software developer, writer, and podcaster from Westchester county, New York. I have been following Marco’s work since his podcast Build and Analyze with Dan Benjamin on 5By5 from 2010-2012.

Why Mention Overcast?

Podcasts play a large role in my life. In my opinion, Overcast is the best podcast app available for iOS. There are several other great podcast apps, but nothing suits me quite the same.

Anytime I am looking for people, content, or tools to feature on Monday Mentions, I try to ask two questions.

  • Is there a person, book or podcast which mentored me in some way?
  • Is there a tool which makes my life better in a substantial way?

In many ways Marco has served as a mentor to me as I learn about software development. From a distance, I have learned a great deal from his podcasts. Overcast has been my podcast player of choice for the last 7 years. So Overcast checked both boxes in my search for this week.

Check It Out

Purchase On The App Store: Overcast
Twitter: @overcasetfm

Connect With Marco Arment

Podcast: The Accidental Tech Podcast
Twitter: @marcoarment
Instagram: @marcoarment


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