Monday Mentions – Live No Lies

Why Mention Live No Lies

This book really hits home for me. Over the last 17 years, I have been learning about fear, anxiety, depression and the role lies play in mental health. One of the greatest discoveries for me personally, was learning the role that lies play in my own life. Learning to take on the lies has lead to some of my greatest victories. To say John Mark Comer has some really great insight on the role of lies, the devil, and society would be greatly under-appreciating this book.

Check It Out

If you are new to John Mark Comer, then I encourage you to check out his work. You can purchase his book Live No Lies on Amazon or wherever you purchase books. If you like to test the waters before purchasing, take a look at his Live No Lies YouVersion reading plan. If podcasting is more your style, then check out the Live No Lies Podcast. His work has really been a blessing to me, I hope you find this book helpful.

Connect With John Mark Comer

Purchase On Amazon: Live No Lies
Podcast: Live No Lies Podcast
Twitter: @johnmarkcomer
Instagram: @johnmarkcomer
YouVersion Read Plan: Live No Lies


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