Monday Mentions – Libby – The Library Reading App

In today’s Monday Mention, I chose to highlight an app called Libby. According to their website, “Libby is a free app where you can borrow ebooks, digital audiobooks, and magazines from your public library.” In last week’s post, Monday Mentions – Reach – By Becky Robinson, I stated that “A crucial part of becoming a better writer is becoming an avid reader.” One of the apps that makes this a reality for me is Libby.

What About Subscription Services Like Audible?

While I am fortunate enough to subscribe to services such as Audible, Libby serves as a great resource regardless of budget. I find great value in being able to check out audiobooks, ebooks, or magazines anytime for free from the local library. Sometimes I want to preview a book before purchasing, and Libby works excellent in this case too. Whether it supplements subscription services or is my primary source of books, I know Libby will be there.

A Resource I Can Depend On

I know that regardless of my financial situation, Libby is a place I can enjoy great audiobooks, ebooks, and magazines. The app is an important part of my writing tool belt for which I am grateful. I would encourage you to check Libby today!

Connect With The Libby App

Get The iOS App : iOS
Get The Android App: Android
Twitter: @libbyapp
Facebook: @LibbyApp
Pinterest: @overdrivelibs
TikTok: @libbyapp


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