Monday Mentions – Jay Glazer

Why I Mention Jay Glazer:

For today’s Monday Mention, I chose Jay Glazer. I was recently introduced to Jay Glazer through his book, Unbreakable: How I Turned My Depression and Anxiety Into Motivation and You Can Too. One thing I truly value about Jay is his authenticity and loyalty. Jay is not afraid to be himself regardless of the audience. Success has not changed Jay one bit. His loyalty to his friends, colleagues, and teammates is unmatched. Jay unashamedly shares his struggle with anxiety and depression, which he calls “The Gray.”

GMA Interview – How To Overcome The Mental Health Stigma


According to his charity’s website,, “Jay Glazer is currently serving as the NFL Insider for FOX Sports’ award-winning NFL pregame show, FOX NFL Sunday, where he breaks in with exclusives, late-breaking updates and injury news, and other various reports right up until the start of Sunday’s games and all the way through FOX’s Sunday coverage..”

Connect With Jay

Company Website: Unbreakable Performance
Charity Website: MVP – Merging Vets & Players
YouTube: Jay Glazer
YouTube Show: One Glass with Glazer
Twitter: @JayGlazer
Instagram: @jayglzer
Facebook: @JayGlazerOfficial


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