Monday Mentions – Day One App

Why mention the Day One App?

For today’s Monday Mention, I am going a bit off the beaten path in choosing an app. In past posts, I chose to highlight a person, book, or video that I found helpful. Today, I want to highlight an app called Day One. While I have been a long-time fan of Day One, I have never used it with this much intention.

Beginning in Grind – My Focus For 2022 and more recently in My Daily Writing Goal For 2022, I have set out to become a better writer. From the advice of several more experienced writers, a daily writing habit is essential. So over the past 11 days, I have been working towards a daily writing goal of 500 words per day.

With my newly minted goal in tow, I anticipate I will be spending a lot more time using Day One. I hope you will check it out too!

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