2 Types Of Mentor Relationships

Many years ago, I truly had no idea what it meant to be mentored in any form or fashion. I often would mistake occasional coaching for mentoring and could not tell you the first thing about how to find a mentor. Over time and after making many, many mistakes, I have come to realize that […]

Mentoring 101 – 3 Qualities Every Mentor Should Possess

There are a lot of misconceptions around the idea of what it takes to become a mentor. Perhaps one of the biggest barriers to mentoring is the idea that becoming a mentor is reserved for a select few. By a select few, I am speaking of those who have made it. Those who have the […]

Mentoring 101 – A Time For Discovery

It seems like the misconceptions around mentoring are amongst the largest barriers when it comes to mentoring. Researching mentoring and trying to pinpoint a definition truly revealed to me, that as human beings we really do not have a good grasp on what mentoring actually means. We tend to get our analogies or metaphors crossed […]

Sold Out – The Case for Mentoring

How many times have you seen this phrase used to describe artists of all types? They used to be cool before they “Sold Out.” As humans, we feel that people who make it big or get recognized by the mainstream are no longer legitimate. All of the sudden, whatever they were doing is no longer […]